It is not just a necklace - it is what your grandma had passed on to you with love. It’s not just a bundle of cash – your son handed this over to you. It was his very first salary! It is not just a property document, it’s your dream that you have nurtured for so long.

For anything that’s precious to you – be it jewelry, cash, documents, gifts, don’t just store it. Secure what you love in Godrej Home Safes, because to Love is to Secure.

If you are looking for a solution to make your home the safest place for all your valuables, look no further. We are committed to ensure that you get complete peace of mind.

Choose the right cams

Eve Mini

The EVE Mini gives you HD quality video in a camera compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and any part of your home.

Eve Cube

EVE Cube has a built-in microphone and speaker. That lets you hear and be heard.

Eve PT

See every inch of your home or office.

Keep a watch on every corner of your home with a camera that can remotely pan & tilt with just a tap on your smartphone.

Additional accessories for Eve cams


Record every hour of the day!

With the EVE NCR, you’ll never miss a single occurrence on your premises with cloud and hard drive storage that lets you record every minute of the day.

Choose the right safe


A fire and burglary resistant safe that is specially designed to safeguard your valuables. It comes with Godrej dual control 6 lever key lock and is available in two variants Mechanical and Electronic. This safe is also available with i-warn alarm panel which alerts the users mobile in case it is tampered. Its double-walled construction and armored plate in the door and body make it tool and fire resistant. With adjustable shelves inside, the safe also offers its user the convenience he needs.


Forward safe is specially designed to complement the interiors of your home and to blend into your wardrobes perfectly. This safe strengthens your wardrobe and helps secure all your valuables like jewellery and documents. It is available in two models 32L & 22L and two facia options alpine & wenge.


Designed by more than a century of skillful experience, Godrej Sofisti is an elegant new range of safes. Boasting of finely tooled leather clad exteriors and gold-plated keyhole cover; the sofisti is as rich in features as it is plush. Going beyond mere looks, the sofisti's classic styling belies an underlying toughness that is engineered to thwart break-in attempts.


Compact with modern and aesthetic flushed design, the Godrej M Laptop is ideal for storage of valuables. It can be fitted inside a wardrobe where it keeps your valuables and laptop secure and yet accessible. Security features include an Ultra EXS Locking mechanism for added security along with twin solid shooting bolts and provision for mounting/grouting the safe.


E-laptop has been designed to offer high degree of safety to your gadgets and valuables. This hi-tech home safe automatically freezes the keypad after 3 consecutive incorrect password entries. It has a low battery indicator, an audit trail facility and a mechanical override option in case the password is forgotten. This hi-tech home safe is equipped with an internal charging unit and LED lighting that enables viewing in the dark.


Premium coffer is designed for both, business and home use. It always provides security for your valuables.


Ritz comes with 'i-buzz' - an inbuilt alarm system that alerts the user in case the safe is tampered with. It is available in two variants 'Ritz Touch' and 'Ritz Bio' and offers secure storage as well as convenient access to valuables.


Filo's tall design enables safe storage and easy access of files, documents and day to day valuables. Besides, the compact safe comes with attractive aesthetics and sufficient space for securing their valuables. Filo comes in two variants-Biometric and Digital and it is also available in two sizes 40L & 55L.


E-Bio safe locking system uses the latest technology to ensures that your valuables are protected with the most intricate key design - your fingerprint.


e-swipe is enabled with an advanced magnatic strip reader. It can be locked and accessed by the use of debit/credit card. It not only enhances security, but also adds to the elegance of your interiors.


Rhino safes are strong, compact and build to last. The safe can be easily accommodated in all residences and is also available in mechanical and electronic variant which has digital locking.


A new-age electronic safe locker, Taurus is a class apart. Its ivory colour along with its motorised locking mechanism makes it one of the most ideal electronic home safes to possess


Esquire is a compact, secure and affordable option to safeguard your precious pocessions. The safe can be opened only with a secret password and shuts down automatically after 3 consecutive wrong password entries. However, a mechanical override option is also available in case the password is forgotten. The safe has motorised shooting bolts for extra protection and interior decked with a carpet.


Element is a Contemporary fire resistant safe, designed to withstand the most intense fires. It helps you keep your important documents and other paper valuables protected from fire. The elegant design of this digital safe makes it a perfect fit for both home & office use. This fireproof safe is equipped with a smart touch panel to add advanced security to your valuables, giving access only to you and your trusted ones. It is available in two sizes 20L & 31L.


Safire is contemporary fire resistant safe. It is designed to provide reliable protection to your important paper documents against fire. It is available in two sizes 30L horizontal & 40L vertical.